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Escrito por multiSoles 12-04-2018 en sports shoes. Comentarios (0)

Our project has the name of multisoles. Our idea is to make some sneakers with different accessories for the sole. That is to say that every day you could put some different shoes, such as a day the wheels, another heels, the keys for the snow, lights and comfortable soles. They are very useful because it depends on the meterology of the day you could put one or the other as for example one day is snowing gifts you have the keys. They are also very practical because the sole weighs a bit, if you are in a hurry you put on the wheels and then change them. At our glance our wristbands would have a normal shape the only thing that makes them different is that you can exchange soles.


Escrito por multiSoles 12-04-2018 en Sabates deportives. Comentarios (0)

El nostre proyecte te el nom de multisoles.

La nostra idea és fer unes bambes amb diferents accessoris per a la sola. Es a dir que cada dia podries posarte unes sabates diferents, como poden ser un dia les rodes, una altre els tacons, els claus per a la neu, llums i les soles comodes. Són molt útils perque depen de la meterologia del dia et podries posar una sola o altre com per exemple un dia esta nevant dons ten poses el claus.

Tambe són molt practiques perque la sola pesa poc lllavors, si tens presa et poses les rodes i després te les cambies.

A cop d’ull les nostres bambes tindrien forma normal l’unic que les fa diferents es que pots intercambiar les soles.